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A Message from Our Founders

We led our first medical team in 2006 to Mountain Top Ministries (MTM) in Gramothe, Haiti. Our intention was to lead a service learning trip of advanced practice nurses and graduate level nursing students to alleviate suffering caused from simple medical conditions. We focused our resources to treat infections, intestinal worms, along with skin infestations such as scabies and fungus. These conditions commonly affect women and children in the village. We also provided vitamins, peanut butter, and educated women about the benefits of breast-feeding. We also taught how to prevent re-infestation of worms and scabies and about general hygiene.

Our first mission was so successful that we organized a larger group to return in January 2007, serving more than 1,000 during that week. Along with the efforts of several other medical teams providing care at MTM throughout the year, we were amazed to see how this simple care had significantly improved the general health of the women and children of the village. Naturally, we talked to our friends, family and members of our church, Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Glenview, IL., about our trips and the great need in Haiti. Our excitement over the small but obvious improvement in the villagers’ health became contagious! We were met with an overwhelming support for further trips. Word of mouth spread, and unexpectedly, people kept coming forward to offer donations, time, and prayers. Chicago’s North Shore offered their time and talent in many ways to collect basic necessities such as peanut butter, vitamins, health packs, cloth diapers, and to raise funds for essential medications. Especially surprising was the support among health professionals who offered their time and talent to repeatedly to serve with us in Haiti.  In response, we began Little By Little, a nonprofit organization, to structure and direct this giving for the ongoing healthcare and health education of those in need in Haiti.

Our short term goal was to continue our medical mission trips to Gramothe, Haiti to provide basic healthcare, especially to mothers and children. Our long term goal is to advance maternal and child health globally, supporting sustainability and reciprocity with the villagers of Gramothe, Haiti and beyond.

Little By Little is built upon the enthusiasm of average people – no one with great wealth, no one with extraordinary skills, and no one with celebrity. Rather, everyone simply has a heartfelt and unselfish desire to help others in need. We have been humbled and inspired by the outpouring of this selfless commitment to the well-being of others. Together, it’s amazing what we can accomplish, little by little.

Sue and Brian Walsh


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