What We Do

Maternal/Child Wellness and Primary Care

Our focus is maternal and child wellness and family primary care, so we treat everyone who finds their way to the Mountain Top Ministries (MTM) clinic. We also provide care for the MTM school children and orphans from the surrounding area. Our first focus is to relieve suffering by using our resources against infections, infestations such as intestinal worms and scabies, malnutrition, and to treat the simple diseases we encounter. By providing vitamins to all pregnant and lactating women, all children, and to those with severe anemia, we are helping to promote a healthier start in life, while sustaining others in need. While patients are waiting for their clinic appointment, and with the aid of translators, we take the opportunity to teach about general hygiene, potable water use, dietary interventions and other concepts that help to prevent disease and promote general health. 

In addition, by capacity building with other medical teams visiting the MTM clinic, we are now able to provide consistent care for chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, thyroid disease, seizure disorders and severe wounds. Such expanded care is possible because of the collaborating efforts between teams to advance and sustain the pharmacy formulary, inventory and labeling system, along with securing a consistent source for needed supplies. In keeping with Little by Little’s mission and vision, partnering with the community is essential. MTM coordinates villagers to help in the clinic as interpreters, clerics and assistants. When professional resources and supplies also become available to the area, our efforts will shift to support and sustain local efforts. Until then, Little by Little will continue to provide medical teams and support as needed.

Stories About Our Work

A detailed account of Little by Little's work can be found in Sue Walsh's book, Walking in Broken Shoes: A Nurse's Account of Haiti and the Earthquake. (Amazon link) The book is the basis for the award-winning documentary Today We Saw the Face of God.

Environmental Initiatives

Having a clean water supply is essential to sustain a level of basic health care for all. MTM has provided that gift to the villagers in Gramothe, Haiti via a collecting cistern at the site of the school, church and medical clinic. Little by Little is committed to protecting the environment in the village by being responsible with medical waste and recyclable containers.

Future Programs

Sustainability is our main focus for the future. Our initiatives for a maternal/child wellness program and family primary health care are growing. We look forward to facilitating immunizations, nutrition rescue, disease screening and appropriate referral, along with further educational outreach. In the spirit of both sustainability and reciprocity, it is our intention to enhance village support while continuing our medical mission trips to Gramothe.

Because Haiti has the highest infant mortality rate in the Western Hemisphere, we are also mobilizing our capacity and efforts to influence change to reduce newborn deaths in Haiti. We are partnering with Global Health Action and the University of Illinois in Chicago in initiatives to improve newborn care. Starting in Petit-Goave, Haiti, an area that was devastated by the 2010 earthquake, we are exploring traditional cord care, early infant feeding and breast feeding practices. By understanding current practices in the area and the World Health Organization’s recommendations for newborn care, along with the help and guidance of traditional care givers, we can influence change in care where needed.